Spiritual Root Causes Of Problems In Life

Spiritual Root Causes Of Problems In LifeThe spiritual dimension influences up to 80% of our lives. On average, our deeds in the past, which include past lives, decide about 65% of events in our life in the form of destiny. This destiny is played out by various elements, both on the physical plane and in the spiritual realm. The elements in the spiritual realm that mainly influence our destiny are ghosts and subtle-bodies (spirits) of our departed ancestors. By doing spiritual practice as per the six basic principles of spiritual practice, we harness spiritual energy that helps us overcome the influence of these spiritual factors.

Spiritual research has shown us that up to 80% of problems in our lives have their root in the spiritual dimension.

Spiritual healing pertains to the diagnosis and removal of the spiritual root cause of the problem usually ancestral problems, destiny, ghosts, devils, spirits, energies, evil & spiritual energy flow.

The principle behind overcoming Spiritual Root Causes Of Problems In Life

For problems that have their root cause in the spiritual realm, only something spiritual can alleviate their intensity and remove them permanently

  1. A specific spiritual remedy A spiritual remedy is something that is implemented primarily to overcome a specific spiritual problem. In this website, we have discussed these spiritual healing methods in our spiritual healing section. They do not, however, contribute to spiritual growth.
  2. Spiritual practice Spiritual practice that conforms to the basic laws of spiritual practice generates spiritual growth. This type of spiritual practice increases spiritual capacity or spiritual growth, which in turn protects and insulates us from negative elements in the spiritual realm.

Points to Note on spiritual Root Causes Of Problems In Life

  • The next time you see a problem unfold in your life, remember that the cause could either be physical, psychological or spiritual. There is a very high likelihood that the root cause is spiritual in nature.
  • All major problems are most likely to be destined which is a kind of spiritual problem where we settle past accounts. Insulation from destiny can only be achieved through spiritual practice.
  • Our ancestors and ghosts can play up or effect problems within a family such as physical illnesses, mental illnesses, etc. If we are of a lower spiritual level, we are very vulnerable to their attacks.
  • Sustained spiritual practice according to the six basic principles of spiritual practice is the only effective way to gain protection from the spiritual realm