black magic spells for money in Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Namibia

Magic ring for money in America, Austria, Ireland, and South AfricaBLACK MAGIC MONEY SPELL. BLACK MAGIC FOR WEALTH.
It is a fact that any form of magic, witchcraft, Wicca etc Black Magic is the strongest and if you will cast black magic spells for good purpose then this is safe and will not harm you and there will be no side effects as this black magic spell casting will be safe. So if you have this question in your mind CAN WITCHCRAFT AND BLACK MAGIC ACHIEVE WEALTH AND SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE????? Then the answer is yes and this spell will prove it to you.
You will need 6 green candles. Then you will need red ink and with the red ink carve your name on each candle 3 times. Once this is done form a circle of 6 candles and chant these words KHOON MANI PAISA AANI LAAL 40 times. Once this is done and the candles are burnt you will have to collect the wax and then go to any cemetery and bury the wax in the mud. You will have to do this for 40 days. This is a very effective Free Black Magic Spell that will bring Wealth, Money and Happiness in your life and will make you Debt Free.

Looking for free money spells for success and growth in business then this powerful money spell will help you in achieving your goals. This is a very simple spell. What you will have to do is take a white chart paper and on the chart paper, you will have to write your name and the name of your business. Below that, you may write these words 40 times TAKU MERE MEER MEER KAMIYAAB. Once this is done then frame this chart and keep it in your office or place of work. This spell will open the doors to success, all pending work will be completed. The blocked money will be released and if you are in Business then you will start getting lots of work and you will do lots of profit in your business.

This is a very simple yet effective spell to attract Money, Wealth, Prosperity and success in your life. And if you will cast the spell well with a positive attitude then this is the correct source of becoming rich and wealthy.
You may cast this spell at 7 in the morning. You will have to cast this spell every day for 40 days and as the days will pass you will see money flowing in your life, as the time will pass slowly you will have increment in your work, will have financial gains, pending work will be done and you will be successful in everything where money is concerned. You will need 40 green candles and every day you will burn one candle and while burning you will say CONCEDE CLEAR CENTER FIND COUNT DIVINE MONEY EVERY DAY. Just say these words continuously will the candle melts and you will see how your life will change in 40 days

Many times you may not be comfortable in spell casting in that case you can also Chant certain words that will be as effective as proper Money Spell Casting. What you will have to do is Chant these words MAAL TOKEN NAKATU HOYE 360 times every day. Remember to chant this spell at early hours so that this Spell Chanting will be very effective and will give you the positive results that you are looking for.

This spell will bring lots of GOOD LUCK, MONEY, and FORTUNE in your life. Every day you will have to take 40 Cloves. Take a small bowl (it has to be made of mud). This spell casting should be done at about 7 in the morning. First, take the Bowl and put it on fire. You will need 40 Cloves every day for 40 days. Now you will take one clove catch it in your right hand and chant these magic words MONEY RAKAM AAOUNGAA LAOUNGAA. Chant these words on each clove the blow air on the clove and put it in the Bowl. Like this, you will have to put all the 40 cloves in the Bowl. Once this is done then remove the Bowl. Take a banana leaf and put all the cloves in the leaf. The close the leaf in such a way that all the 40 cloves are well covered with the leaf. Then go to any sea or river and dispose of the leaf which has cloves in it. While doing this full spellcasting see that your intentions are clear and only positive thoughts are in your mind so that the spell will work for you and will do wonders for you.